My top 5 Instagram pictures – June 2017

It seems like no time at all has passed since I uploaded the top 5 Instagram pictures of May 2017! Yet here we are, in July already! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone! With July already pretty booked up too, I reckon we’ll be zooming through the next month too!


June wasn’t actually that busy a month for us. We got out and about a little bit, especially when the warm weather hit. However it did see me taking a little time for myself, which shows in these pics! The first pic to share with you today, and the 5th most liked/engaged with on Instagram is this one from one of the hot days we had!



We’re holding out hope for hot days like that again soon! The second pic, and the 4th most engaged, was taking on polling day. Things didn’t go how we wanted but at least I have this brilliant picture to look back on and make me smile!



Next up is actually not a photo I took, or that anyone else did! It’s a screenshot from my phone estate I wanted to share to give a progress update on my latest ‘me time’ thing. I’ve decided to get fit and do #Couchto5k. Check out my latest update on it here too.


Talking more about that ‘me time’, I got to enjoy a beautiful day in York with my friends this month. We went purposefully to enjoy each other’s company and check out this incredible shop. It would seem a lot of my followers want to go too!


We’re here!

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Finally the top photo on my instragram from June…. This is one of my favourites too! I love the way she looks so mesmerised by the kites and how lovely the sky is looking. I loved our day out at Morecambe Kite festival and it would seem everyone else did too!