My top 5 Instagram pictures – March 2017

I can’t believe its April already. It’s so wrong how fast this year is going. I will have a two year old next month! When did that happen!


Anyway. March on Instagram was a big one for me with one of my posts getting the highest engagement I’ve ever had. It’s obviously my top photo on this post and I understand, and appreciate, that it’s all due to how good my partner is at capturing special moments. We also went away and we spent a lot of time together as a family which results in a happy Spike so that also shines through on my pictures!

In 5th place this month is the cutest photo of Spike enjoying her first ever train ride. We’ve not been on any trains as a family, despite me using them all the time when alone, because once you factor in the price of two or three tickets – you may as well drive. She loved it though so I might just take her more often – I’m sure the excitement will wear off!

Spike’s showing her opinion on going on a train for the first time… think it was a hit!

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Next up we have this which was taken on a whim because I was loving her infectious laugh (Live photos allow for sound!) and I loved it too much not to post! A tummy tickle is the best thing ever right!?

The sheer joy of a tummy tickle from mummy ?

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We went away at the end of March and the weather couldn’t have been better. This next picture was taken at gone 6:30pm when we went for a walk to the lake at the holiday park we stayed at. It was an amazing weekend and we spent so much of it just enjoying the great outdoors!

Spike does love going out and about, regardless of the weather. Her speech has come on massively over the last few weeks and when its raining she just shouts ‘Wet!’ at the top of her voice. She loved running round a garden centre in the rain a few weeks ago.

And finally, this beauty of a photo was my most liked and commented on picture of the month. Taken on the beach on our weekend getaway on Mother’s Day. It’s perfect, and obviously people on Instagram thought so too! Despite it including my stinky feet! Haha! I love that you can see one of my tattoos though as I rarely get them out!