My top 5 Instagram pictures – May 2017

It’s June. We’re into the 6th month of the year and me and T survived little monster Spike’s 2nd birthday. We are officially into the terrible twos now with ‘No!” and toddler tantrums a regular occurrence. It also means my Instagram pictures often feature a monster that won’t stay still or pose as I want her too!


May was a stressful month in that I didn’t feel organised at all. However it was also a productive month. It saw me visit the BlogOn Conference and meet friends I’ve never met before. Since the conference you may have noticed I’m working on my blog lots more. And I’m trying hard to push my Facebook and Instagram channels to their full potential. Hopefully this will mean lots more fun photos for you to enjoy, but first of all here’s May’s top Instagram posts.

Unfortunately my personal favourite picture of the month only came in as my 5th most liked photo overall. I absolutely love this shot I managed to capture by chance when I woke up one morning!

Next is a picture I posted in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack. It was a horrible day that I am still thinking about daily. It affected my town personally, and I view Manchester as one of my favourite cities, I love day trips there, its just down the road. For someone to do something so atrocious makes me worry about my daughters safety in this horrible world.

The beach is the only place you want to be when the sun is shining and that’s exactly where we went in early May. Spike loved it and I loved watching her play in the sand.

A lot of my posts these days seem to be about how grown up my tiny girl is now… but I can’t help it. Look at how big she looked walking to the car for nursery! She’s also learnt how to unlock the car… I think we’ve got a future joyrider on our hands.

And finally, my second favourite photo of the month. My baby girl enjoying a walk in the countryside and being introduced to her first stile. I love how happy she looks. She also kept saying “Again!” and going over it again!

What did you get up to in May? Comment with your Instagram handle and, if I don’t already, I’ll drop by and give you a follow!