Top five instagram photos – March 2018

I haven’t shared my top five Instagram posts since last October. Which was so long ago! I love seeing what people loved the most on my Instagram feed each month. Sharing my top five is a great reason to look over the past month and see what I loved about my instagram moments too.

March was a fun month with us finally spending a little more time outside than we have done for a while and spending lots of time with family.

Spike is really starting to build on certain aspects of her personality and our fifth most liked photo of the month shows the mischievous side of her personality a lot…

In addition to spring and family time, March is Spike’s Grandma’s birthday month… and she took great delight in joining in with the birthday cake eating…

Spike is becoming a bit of a poser and there were fun times on a visit to our local town centre recently when he was asking me to take different pictures of her facial expressions. I love that she’s learning so much about her own body at the minute! The carefree nature of this next photo made me want to use it on International Women’s Day to remind my amazing little one to never change.

My followers tend to like it when I get in front of the camera every now and then with Spike, and that was no different on our first proper trip of the year to our local park. I love this park and we go frequently but only during the nice weather! We took full advantage of the nicer weather and did the maze there which obviously meant a celeberatory photo when we got to the middle of it!

And finally… our most liked photo of March is this cracking shot I managed to get of Spike at my parents house!!