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Trying to meet our holiday desires – Where shall we go this year?

Spike on Pease Bay Beach - blog title image for our holiday desires 2018So last year, we decided to holiday in the familiar. We haven’t really done any holidays for years but wanted to take Spike away. So we opted for a Just for Tots break at the Butlins we took L to 9 years ago. This year, we are a little more strapped for cash as we have decided to put more into savings in the hope we can buy a house sooner. So we are choosing our holidays wisely.

Spike zooming through the Little Tykes Village with her trolley at Butlin's Just For Tots in MineheadButlin’s Minehead

T’s family are heading to Butlin’s Minehead in August, as my nephew is at school already. A week is coming at just under £900 and that is for the worst accommodation they do – and the accommodation we stayed in last time was bad enough. We loved our Butlins break last year. However, it was cheap and cheerful because of the term time break. The thought of spending so much more on a summer break there really doesn’t interest me. There would be lots for Spike to do, obviously, and it would be nice for her to spend time with her cousins. But I just don’t want to part with that money for a week away where we went last year.

A ‘Working’ holiday

I work for a holiday park company. So we could go away to one of the parks my company owns. They are beautiful and in gorgeous areas of Scotland and Northern England. We went to one last March for a little weekend away and loved it.

The park we visited to was close enough to Edinburgh for a day out and we visited another park close by, which is situated on the beachfront. It was bliss and as we were only there for 3 days I feel like we haven’t exhausted it. Employee benefits include great discounts too if we want to go last minute. So its the obvious answer for us, but the idea of a summer abroad or seeing sights we don’t usually see is enticing too.

The Unfamilar

There are parts of the UK that I am yet to venture to. I know for a fact there are places in East Anglia and the south east coast that I would like to venture to. And I’ve only been to Wales once on a city trip with my friends to Cardiff. It’s an exciting prospect heading into the unfamiliar, and one that definitely looms closer. We bought a tent to go camping with Spike when she was very, very young and its sat unused in our ‘outside room’, so we could even attempt that again!

My non-family break

Of course, the other reason we are trying to save on our holiday this year is because I’m planing on blitzing some spends on myself. I turn 30 (I know. I am beginning to dread it!) this August and in order to forget my age I’m planning lots of exciting things. One of these is a trip to somewhere I have always wanted to go, Amsterdam. I am planning on visiting with my friends, without T or Spike… and of course, my happiness to mask the sadness of turning 30 is cough cough no more important than a family holiday. But I’m not willing to sacrifice!


I’d love to know where you recommend for your holidays in the UK. Although we’re tempted by foreign climes, we all need passports and thats not a cost we’re willing to look at right now, so I don’t think it will happen! So if you have a favourite spot for little ones to enjoy thats on the cheaper range, do please share!