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What have I forgotten? – Packing for a self-catering holiday

As you may have seen from my Instagram at the weekend, we went on a mini-break to Northumberland. We loved it and Spike did NOT want to come home. I spent the entire 3 hour journey on the way to the lovely caravan convinced I had forgotten something though, so I thought I’d share with you a little post about the dos and don’ts of packing for a self-catering holiday.

Do not drink the day before, and work the morning before

I spent the day before our trip in Edinburgh with my work colleagues in a Harry Potter themed pop-up bar and drinking gin. So needless to say, I packed in a bit of a state. Following that I was in work on the morning of our trip so left the packing of the car up to T. I would not recommend this. It does nothing for your state of mind and it does nothing for the list of items you pack. I managed most of the food I wanted to take. I forgot a cardigan or any warm clothes for myself.

Do plan your toddlers outfits accordingly

The thing about the caravan parks that we visit is that there are kids clubs. I forgot that these clubs would be full of parents who have made their child look presentable. So Spike noticed when she rocked up in a paint splattered Mario tee and a pair of baggy grey leggings when all the other girls were in pretty dresses and the boys in smart jeans and shirts. We did a bit better on the second night but there was a minor meltdown when Spike discovered she had no dresses to wear.

Do not forget your child’s comfort toys – unless you plan to buy more

Spike with her Violet the fox teddy overlooking Bamburgh BeachWe thankfully didn’t forget Babbit. But had we, we might have been safe as Spike was bought a ‘Violet the Fox’ mascot toy that has not been put down since the holiday. So at least we would have been safe had Babbit not been packed…

Do remember to pack your little ones favourite foods

If you don’t you’ll just have to go out time and time again for them. And remember to pack enough of them. One red pepper obviously wasn’t enough for Spike and I think the highlight of her holiday was picking up another from the supermarket on Saturday afternoon!

Do not forget your own shampoo

Baby shampoo is not a patch on the TRESemme you usually use. Trust me.

Do remember that even in the middle of nowhere, there are shops

It is annoying. But its not the end of the world. As long a you have some clothes, some food and have picked a good holiday park, chances are everything will be within an easy drive. Just have fun and stop worrying about the forgotten toothpaste on the sink at home, or the fact that you have to wear a thick winter coat or your boyfriends hoody all weekend because you forgot your own.