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Spoiling Spike silly – A What2Buy4Kids toy shop review

spoiling spike silly with a trip to What2buy4kids toy shop in Southport blog title
We were lucky enough to get the chance to spoil Spike silly last weekend. The fantastic What2buy4kids asked us to pop by and take a look around. And buy Spike a few things in the process. This brilliant shop in Southport is just a short drive from our hometown so we jumped at the chance!

What2Buy4Kids toy shop review Spike warming upSouthport is fast becoming a great place to visit for us as a family. It is easily accessible and has lots to do. Its a town dedicated to keeping everyone happy, with something for all the family. There are shops for the essentials, or even the “I need that and the weekend is the only time I get bits” and places to play and have fun as a family. The beach is right there with plenty of ice cream and bucket and spade buying opportunities. And we can’t forget the carousel that Spike loves!

What2Buy4Kids is in a shopping centre in the main part of town. With Primark, River Island, Costa and M&S right nearby its a part of town that many will find themselves dropping into. So ideally located if you ask me!

We found our way there and Spike ran straight in. She was in awe instantly, finding lots to look at. The shop is well laid out, with large open spaces for kids to play with the toys that are out. Spike loves push along and pull along toys at the minute and always plays with toys on sticks when she gets the chance. She was playing with the range of fantastic wooden push along toys loads and running round the shop with them.

What2Buy4Kids toy shop review and Spikes obsession with the Dinosaur pop up tent

The shop is segregated by age which I thought was a great touch. Though I think they might be best to make the signs explaining this a little bigger and clearer. As you walk in the From Birth toys are on your left and you walk round until you get to the more grown up/teen stuff near the till at the right hand side of the shop. There was a dedicated stand in the centre of the shop for sale items when we were there too which I liked.

I loved that the What2buy4Kids shop wasn’t split in any way by ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ toys. This is what I want from my shopping experience for Spike. I don’t go off what gender she is when I’m looking at toys for her and I don’t want others’ to either! However saying that, the website fails at this as its very clearly sectioned off. In fact its really in your face and the most obvious way of segregation. I have to admit I didn’t actually look at the site before I visited the shop. If I had seen the website before the shop itself, I would have been put off instantly and probably wouldn’t shop there. Which is a shame as the shop itself is great.

What2Buy4Kids toy shop review and Spiketrying out the happy hopperz cowI also really loved that the shop wasn’t filled with the same plastic tat that main high street toy shops are. I like wooden toys for Spike and so does she, so I loved that there was a good range. There were plastic toys but even these weren’t your ‘typical’ toys found in the main retailer shops. They looked better quality for a start, and weren’t half as annoying with sounds and stuff.

Spike finally decided on her toys, after we spent probably around 30-40 mins in the shop! She chose the Lion Push Along that she’d been playing with. As well as the Dinosaur Pop Up Tent that she loved sitting in in the shop, and I picked this Lion number puzzle for her as an educational toy!