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What’s that noise? Oh a dinosaur! – Brick Dinos at Preston’s Harris Museum

Earlier in summer we took a trip to Preston’s Harris Museum. We go there regularly as it’s also a library, that happens to be open on a Sunday!

This time, we went to the actual museum, the part I’ve been meaning to visit again for a while! And whilst there, we took total advantage of their latest exhibition, Brick Dinos!

The Brick Dinos exhibition is a series of dinosaur models made out of Lego created by Warren Elsinore. They were incredible works of art as they really represented each different dinosaur that they were meant to!

We went on a Sunday afternoon and headed straight up to the room. Wed tried a couple of weeks before but Spike had just woken up and wasn’t up for dinosaurs. This time she was a bit inside again but it was much more successful!

The first thing you see when entering the room is the massive Masiakasaurus which is probably about 5ft 5!

This is what Spike was unsure of, as it had sound effects which she did not like at all. She wouldn’t go near it but did enjoy the littler dinosaurs.

The exhibition takes place in 2 of 3 linked gallery rooms in the Harris. With the third room being an interactive play space.

The first room, with the Masiakasaurus features a 5ft spanned Pterodactyl, a number of smaller pieces, and a foam footprint. This is designed for children and their parents to stand in and see if their whole family can fit in a single dinosaur footstep! There was also a small shop with dinosaur related gifts, books and toys.

The second room featured another selection of small dinosaurs in exhibition cases. Plus a huge Plesiosaur, which had been designed to look like it was poking out from the water, and dinosaur ‘eggs’! This room was our favourite out of the two exhibition rooms as it was quieter and the Plesiosaur was amazing!

Lastly the interactive play space was incredible for the little ones! There was a ‘dinosaur Lego graffiti wall’ where you could fill in the Triceratops’ body with different colours. An area for colouring in the Brick Dinos that you’d seen. A palaeontologist’s dig spot and loads of Lego building areas, including a duplo area! You could easily spend the afternoon in this space and we were in there a while!

Spike didn’t want to leave the play space and I don’t blame her! It was fun and exciting and exactly what a museum with a children’s exhibition needs!

The only downside I found was the sound level in the exhibition rooms. I understand they are dinosaurs but that level of sound in a dark and enclosed space? It upset Spike and I’m fairly sure it would upset others too! Also the plinths that the dinosaurs were on were a little high for Spike. I know she’s short but it would have been nice for her not to rely on us to pick her up to see the dinosaurs.

The exhibition was on over summer and will stay until September 17th so be quick if you wanna catch it while it’s there! It will be moving on to other locations though so check them out here!