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When life is less than perfect – A fresh bout of parenting troubles and worries

You haven’t heard from me for a while on here. I wont lie, its not been the first thing on my mind for a long time. 

I love blogging. I love sharing our life, our days out, things we love. But lately its felt like I have nothing nice to share. So I haven’t bothered. 

A fresh bout of stress

Not long after my post about Spike adjusting to starting school, her sleep went down the pan. She wouldn’t sleep through the night. It took 40 minutes or so to get her into bed and stop shouting of us. We found that telling her we’d come back in 5 minutes helped. And it did. For a little while. 

All downhill after there

We went on holiday and for the most part that holiday was lovely. There’s more about the holiday coming next week. The stress of her not sleeping was blown away by late nights that forced her tiredness to take over. However when we got home… it all started again. We had multiple nights where she woke and screamed for an hour- 90 minutes straight. It was hell. 

Problem solving with a 4 year old

After one particularly bad night I sat down with her. We went through what she thought would help. She said her room was too dark, so we let her have a night light – something I’ve been reluctant to do. I also started leaving the door wider open and the light brighter outside her room. She also said her pillow wasn’t comfy. So, we put a new pillow on her bed. We tried everything, even buying a big girl bed for her because she said her cot bed wasn’t wide enough. 

As if the lack of sleep wasn’t enough… 

In addition to all of this, Spike was going through what can only be described as ‘a difficult phase’. Her behaviour was awful, she didn’t want to do anything she’s asked to do. She answerEd back, spit, hit, kicked. Anything she caould do to thats ‘naughty’ she did. It’s still happening to be honest. She’ll go through waves of hideous behaviour, then be as good as gold for a nearly week until all sh*t hits the fan again. 

Have we caused this?

We tried so hard to make the house move and switch from nursery to school go smoothly. But with her behaviour and sleep issues I’m wondering if we caused all of this. Did moving trigger this behaviour? Would she be at it if we stayed where we were and went to the school her friends are at? 

Parent guilt 

Then there’s the guilt settling in too. I dropped her off at school for the first time last week. The TA was shocked to see me there. I don’t do the drop off and she goes to after school club every night. Spike has noticed that she’s one of the only children who goes to after school club every day too. She told me a few weeks ago that ‘maybe, just maybe, one day, her teacher wont pick her to go to after school club.’ And if I didn’t work full time she wouldn’t have to go everyday. 

Would changing anything actually change anything? 

If I could work part time I’d try it, but then I think thats just another adjustment for her to get used to. We cant go back to our old house. Would it be any different if we did go back? Who knows. I guess all we can do is sit out the storm…