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Working bank holidays – missing out on that extra little us time

I work in the travel and tourism industry. Although I work an office job, I’m one of a small minority for my company. Therefore our contracts are written like those on the holiday parks we manage. We aren’t meant to have a large chunk of time off within July and August. And we work bank holidays as standard days. The only exception to this is Christmas.

Working Bank Holidays

I don’t really mind too much as my parents were never off on a bank holiday. I grew up in a shop where my parents time was spent working 7 days a week, 363 days a year. The only days they had off was Christmas day and a half day on Boxing day. Once I was old enough to work they were my days in too. The only extra day I got, if I was lucky, was my birthday!

Nursery time out

However, working bank holidays in my little family unit does put me in the odd one out category. Spike’s nursery isn’t open so she gets a time out from there. T’s work don’t go in on bank holidays, so the two of them have frequent daddy daughter days and will continue to for the foreseeable future. I guess in one way though that is a very god thing as they would rarely have them if it wasn’t for the bank holidays.

Missing out

I do sometimes feel like I miss out on those days though. Me and Spike never have mummy daughter days anymore unless she is poorly. We’ve got two days coming up where its likely T will be away but I’m not sure if she’ll be happy taking the time out of nursery knowing her friends are there! She loves it there so much!

Maternity leave flashbacks

Its insane to feel like I’m missing out though as I had so many mummy daughter days when I was on maternity leave. That was our bonding time so it’s only fair I let her and her daddy have those days now she’s older and I’m trying to launch a successful career.

School holidays

Of course this is how I feel right now. With working full time and having childcare full time we don’t have to think about school holidays. Bank Holidays will start merging into much longer periods of time where we have to factor in extra childcare etc once she starts school. Its likely we’ll have to work like passing ships in order to cover school holidays in a few years. With T off one week, then me the next etc! I can’t imagine how difficult it is for single parent families to deal with the headache that is childcare for bank or school holidays!

How do you cope with the days that school or nursery is closed? I’d love to know!