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My workwear wardrobe woes

workwear-wardrobe-woes-readaraptor-hatchlingStarting my new job may mean there are a few more posts about me specifically than you are used to. To be honest I rarely write about myself because I think I’m boring but I have had a few times recently where I thought certain things might be worth writing about. One of these is the fact that I am having to consider a brand new wardrobe because of my break in full time employment.

Since I had Spike my body has become a bit more of a sore point for me. I hated shopping before any way and I knew exactly what suited me and what I felt comfortable in, but thats changed a little since I had her because I have lumps and bumps in places I didn’t before and my hips and ribs have shifted slightly – I desperately need a bra fitting too! This has meant that I have a wardrobe which is 50% clothes I really want to wear but can’t or clothes I wish I could wear but feel too conscious too, and 50% not suitable for working life.

This has meant I’m having to be constantly on the lookout for new bits and pieces to add to my collection, that are suitable to add to my new workwear wardrobe but that also suit me and match my style. Its almost impossible to tick every box because I like comfy, casual clothes that go with leggings and sketchers.

I am definitely worrying about what I will do with my shoe situation in the coming weeks because I have a variety of things I need to think about. Basically I can’t just do what hundreds of other women do which is nip into the high street and buy a pair of pumps from Primark, or just try on a load of styles and hope for the best.

For some reason, probably to do with my ridiculously high arches, I can’t wear flat shoes without them really hurting my feet and ankles within the hour. I also need to think about support a lot so high heels are a no-no too. I used to live in skate shoes when I was a teenager, and converse but even they didn’t give as much support as I should have had. I went to ballet pumps for a few years while at uni and lived with achey feet and then when I started work full time I used them for ease but had to rule out places like Primark because the completely flat soles were like torture devices for me. I need at least a slight heel to even walk in them without them hurting my feet. Thankfully I have found something that works well for me for now, which will be coming on a separate post.

Then it comes to clothes, I need clothes that suit curvy bodies and shopping on the high street at the minute is awful. Its all tight stuff or the high streets have decided to make everything skinnier. I tried on a playsuit from Quiz this week and despite picking up the biggest size, a size that was even bigger than what Id usually pick up, it was too tight around my middle. I then went to H&M, where there were plenty of beautiful skirts and pinafore/dungaree dresses that would have worked well with thick tights and a smart top underneath. I loved them, but they were all only available as a 14, a size under what I need now.

I used to be able to get away with a 14 but these days I can’t even entertain the idea. A quick look on the website has actually helped me discover that a lot of them do come in bigger sizes but the stores don’t stock them, the labels even had 14 as the highest available size. So how is a size 16 or 18 woman meant to try them on to check if they fit, without ordering them, waiting for delivery and having the hassle of returning them if needed.

Its a stressful situation, but thankfully I’ve managed to get a few bits that will work well. One is a beautiful jumpsuit/playsuit from Fat Face – a store usually out of my budget but thankfully this was in the sale. Then a gorges dress from Dorothy Perkins – a place I never even thought to go in but obviously I’m getting older and New Look and the younger high street stores aren’t for me any more!