You can’t eat tha…oh whatever

baby-led-weaning-spikeThe weaning journey that I started to write about in November when I whizzed up a load of purees and was going to do everything by the book didn’t work for us. Spike seemed ready for food, she was hungry, waking multiple times in the night for milk feeds etc, but it wasn’t working for us.

Every time I tried to feed her Id get a spoonful in and she’d start screaming, it wasn’t that she didn’t like the taste of the food, she just didn’t want it fed to her. We struggled for months, through illnesses and other things and then finally I gave up. I couldn’t do it anymore, every lunchtime was stressful she was having milk more than she’d had for months and I was tired, exhausted.

It was when I gave up that I noticed her grabbing at our food, wanting to eat what we were eating, when we were eating it. I kept trying to stop her but one day it was just too much and I gave up trying to stop her…. I knew what I was eating wouldn’t do her any damage and she sat there happily eating it.

I wanted to do baby led weaning when I was pregnant but when it came to actually weaning Spike I decided that I was too scared, of lumps and her choking so we went down the puree route. However it seems she has decided that thats what we’re doing now.

We started with this around January time. She was around 7 or 8 months and now, at just over 9 months, she is on three, sometimes four meals a day. I think nursery has really helped because they feed her at set times and I’ve stuck to those times at home. She’s on four-five milk needs a day and the fifth is through the night but even thats not every night! She is happiest when she’s eating what we’re eating… spaghetti and veg and chicken are favourites and sandwiches, she absolutely loves bread.

I decided to write this post on Monday this week when we were unexpectedly out at her lunchtime. She needed something to eat but I hadn’t managed to get her packed lunch ready! I went into a cafe and ordered a kids portion of cheese and toast, and she sat there, happily, watching everyone moving in and out while chomping down on her toast. She makes a bit of a mess but thats what mess mats are for (at home… when we’re out I just pick up what I can and hope that the cafe staff don’t hate me too much!)

The only things she’ll let off a spoon are porridge, weetabix and yoghurts. Nursery tell me she eats stuff there but I don’t know how they do it because here she just eats with her fingers, but its helped with her dexterity at least, she can pick up the tiniest bit of mince and get it in her mouth no problem! I am so glad we’ve managed to get somewhere with her food and she now actually seems happy! Im just struggling to think of healthy, no salt options for teas for us all now, so give me a shout if you have any ideas!