The Youtube app every parent needs – Youtube Kids

I wrote a few months ago about how to toddler proof your iPhone using the guided access feature of the product. Now I’m going to help you out further by sharing my experiences with the Youtube Kids app with you.

Youtube app for iPhone

Basically I find the Youtube App pretty shocking. I hate that you can’t return to a search easily and that you need to move the screen around to get full screen. I dislike the way content is displayed and if you are passing it to a child to watch, I very much dislike how much is going on on screen to distract them. There are suggested videos and a constant stream of content going on that can lead them to content you don’t want them watching easily.

Youtube Kids

However, saying that, Youtube know that their app is used by parents and kids alike. They know that not all content is kid-friendly. Which is why they have developed the Youtube Kids app. Described as an app that: “gives your family an easy way to watch their favourite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination.” This free, easy to use app has tonnes of content that is right for your toddler to be watching.

Features of the App

The app just has a selection of Youtube videos that have been deemed suitable for a set age group. You set it up for the age of your child (All ages, Pre-school, or school age and the reccomended videos  are suitable for the set age. Ours, due to Spike’s age, are mainly things like Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden, but you can search for others. There’s a timer, the ability to only stream in HD when connected to wi-fi to save your data and hours of peppa pig on a continuous loop which I have used to placate Spike while in our bed at 3am before.


Its a much more child friendly app and with the guided access mode on iPhone it means they can watch their favourite shows or channels in peace without the risk of ending up elsewhere on your phone, or on a video you don’t want them watching. The settings are difficult to change if you have a child of pre-reading ability and once they are older you can se your own passcodes to stop them from doing so.

I would definitely recommend this app for anyone of younger school age, or pre-shool age children who find it fun to watch stuff on mummy or daddy’s phone!